Where I want to go in 2012


I am looking at my calendar for 2012 and am excited about what is in store.

I start working on Andrew Peterson’s new record next week.

I should start working on my new record fairly soon as well.

I also have some shows booked through October in some of my favorite places.

But while we are all still in the mode of making (and breaking) New Year’s resolutions and creating “Top 10” lists, I figured this would serve as my list of places I would love to go visit and book shows in for 2012. Actually, this post will only pose as a list of cities I would like to visit. The subliminally manipulative part of this post that you are unaware of and will continue to be unaware of, is that I am actually trying to convince people in those particular parts of the country to book me for shows there.

Here is how it should work:

Reader: “Oh! Look, honey! Andy Gullahorn said that he really wants to visit Reno, Nevada this year. That is weird. That is where WE live!!! You know what? I am not sure if he would want to do this or not, but what if we asked him to come play a show here? And we paid him a bunch of money.* What a great idea I just came up with on my own accord! I will email him at ANDY at ANDYGULLAHORN.COM to see if he will come!”

So let me get on with my list of the TOP 10 places I would love to “visit” in 2012.

But first, It should be noted that this is not a list of my TOP 10 favorite places to visit. Many of my favorite places are already on my schedule for this year. Many of my other favorite places have been visited recently by me. So to be fair, let me get on with …

My list of the TOP 10 places I would love to “visit” in 2012 that I haven’t visited in a long time or ever.

1. San Diego, CA – Who wouldn’t want to visit San Diego? The ONLY bad thing about this place is that you have to PAY to play disc golf.

2. Las Vegas, NV – I hated Las Vegas the first time I went. Let’s just say that I don’t hate it anymore. I would love to have a legitimate reason to go back. Maybe during a playoff weekend or March Madness?

3. Orlando, Fl – I typically get to Florida a lot which is fine by me. But my kids are really itching for some disney/harry potter theme park time.

4. Cedar Rapids, IA – Not only is this a tourist hot-spot, it would also give me a good chance to go visit my friends Jody and John.

5. Ireland – Why not?

6. Utah – In all of my years of traveling, I don’t think I have ever played in Utah. Come on, Mormons!

7. Wyoming – I think Wyoming is one of only two states I have never visited. Also, I used to be a cowboy.

8. Hawaii – speaking of places I have never visited … I know this place is boring, but I would just love to go and minister to the people there.

9. Montana – I really want to go fly-fishing again on the Gallatin River.

10. Mississippi – I know you would tell me to be careful what I ask for, but I have not had a chance to play in Mississippi in the last 13 years. I think it is about time.

11. New Orleans – I still like that place. And it will be fun to visit after they win the Superbowl this year.

Yes, I know there are 11 places in my top 10. When you make your own top 10 list, you can put as many items on there as you want.

* “a bunch of money” is subjective