Records I contributed to:

Jill Phillips – Good Things (producer, musician, vocals, songwriter)
Jill Phillips – Nobody’s Got It All Together (producer, musician, vocals, songwriter)
Jill Phillips – Writing on the Wall (producer, musician, vocals, songwriter)
Jill Phillips – Kingdom Come (producer, musician, vocals, songwriter)
Jill Phillips – God & Money (producer, musician, vocals, songwriter)
Jill Phillips – Jill Phillips (musician, vocals, songwriter)
Andrew Peterson – Behold The Lamb of God (musician)
Andrew Peterson – The Far Country (musician, vocals)
Andrew Peterson – Appendix M (musician, vocals)
Alathea – What Light Is All About (musician, songwriter)
Alathea – My Roots Grow Deeper (songwriter)
Your King Has Come (musician, songwriter)
Beams of Heaven : Indelible Grace IV (musician)
Jonathan Noel – Silent Movie (songwriter)
Kim Hill – Broken Things (songwriter)
Byron Keith – Somewhere In Someone’s Living Room (musician, songwriter)
Ben Glover – 26 Letters (songwriter)
Chris Tomlin & Ross King – Too Much Free Time (songwriter)
Ross King – Something By Sunrise (musician)


Songs recorded by other artists:

Only One (Jill Phillips)
Buried Alive (Jill Phillips)
Steel Bars (Jill Phillips)
All of Your Love (Jill Phillips)
Dry Town (Jill Phillips)
Live By The Sword (Jill Phillips)
Everyday (Jill Phillips)
Last Time (Jill Phillips)
Falling Into God (Jill Phillips)
Demon Town (Jill Phillips)
You Don’t Belong Here (Jill Phillips, Kim Hill)
Beg (Jill Phillips)
Wrecking Ball (Jill Phillips)
Leave It Up To You (Jill Phillips)
Even Still (Jill Phillips)
Grace and Peace (Jill Phillips)
Still Is My Soul (Jill Phillips)
The Way Of The Fire (Jill Phillips)
Grand Design (Jill Phillips)
Nobody’s Got It All Together (Jill Phillips)
By A Thread (Jill Phillips)
Daily Bread (Jill Phillips)
Turn It Around (Jill Phillips)
The Middle (Jill Phillips)
Never Let Me Down (Jill Phillips)
Rise Above (Jill Phillips)
The Door (Jill Phillips)
Lamb Of God (Jill Phillips)
Hosanna (Jill Phillips)
Your Usual Response (Jill Phillips)
Long Time Coming (Jill Phillips)
All The Good Things (Jill Phillips)
Any Other Way (Jill Phillips)
Resurrection (Jill Phillips)
Only Say The Word (Jill Phillips)
A Lot Like Me (Jill Phillips)
To Be With You (Sara Groves)
The Same Song (Andrew Peterson)
In The Night (Andrew Peterson)
All Things New (Andrew Peterson)
The Reasons Why You Brought Me Here (Jason Gray)
Holding The Key (Jason Gray)
How I Ended Up Here (Jason Gray)
I Will Walk (Alathea)
My Roots Grow Deeper (Alathea)
Here Inside Of Me (Kim Hill)
If I Were The Devil (Byron Keith)
Lying To Myself (Ben Glover)
Foot In My Mouth (Chris Tomlin & Ross King)
I Fell In Something (Chris Tomlin & Ross King)
Lonely (Dave Hunt)

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