FaultLines available NOW on RabbitRoom.com


The new CD FaultLines is now available at TheRabbitRoom.

It will be available through other online retailers soon (iTunes/Amazon/etc.) – but for now, it is available in physical or downloadable form exclusively at the RabbitRoom.

I hope you enjoy it!

FaultLines Pre-Order and Release Date

Hey folks. The new record, FaultLines, releases in one week – January 26th. It is currently available for pre-order at the Rabbit Room where you get two songs for immediate download. On the 26th, it will be available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, etc.

I hope you enjoy it!


Kickstart Andy’s new CD, FaultLines


My new record, FaultLines, is already at the presses and is set up for a late January release. But if you support the record on Kickstarter, you will be able to get your copy in early December. There are many different packages available. We originally set the goal at $6000 to help with the cost of the mixing, mastering, artwork and replication of the CD. We were able to meet that goal within 24 hours thanks to many of you kind people. But the campaign will keep going until November 27th (Black Friday) and it is the only way to get the new CD online before 2016.

Thank you for your support.

Christmas Tour 2015

Andy is set to be a part of Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb of God tour once again this year. He will be joining Andrew, Jill Phillips, Ben Shive, Cindy Morgan and more for these shows in December. For more information, visit Andrew Peterson’s site.

Here is a list of the dates so far:

12/2 – Evansville, IN

12/3 – Knoxville, TN

12/4 – Durham, NC

12/5 – Richmond, VA

12/6 – Birmingham, AL

12/9 – Milford, OH

12/10 – Charlotte, NC

12/11 – Maitland, FL

12/13 – Nashville, TN

12/14 – Nashville, TN

12/16 – Clinton, MS

12/17 – Longview, TX

12/18 – League City, TX

12/19 – Yukon, OK

12/20 – Austin, TX


The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville – Nov. 19

Andy will be playing an In-The-Round show at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN on Thursday, November 19th. He will be joined by Jill Phillips, Jon Brooks and David Mead.

The show starts at 6pm (doors at 5). There is no cover charge for the show, but there is a $7 food & drink minimum for any seat at a table.

Reservations are available HERE starting on November 12th at 8am CST. The shows at The Bluebird tend to sell out pretty quickly so get online early if you want to reserve a seat.

Live Online Concert – Jan 29 8:30pm CST

Tonight I will walk over to the office, turn on my computer and start broadcasting a live online concert. It is easy to join in. Just go to ConcertWindow.com and it will show you what to do.

Hope to see you there. Actually, I won’t be able to see anyone. But I will be able to see messages you type while I am playing. So I hope to see you type there.

“Beyond the frame” available now!


It’s finally here! My new album “Beyond The Frame” is available from today, August 13th. You can buy the physical disc from Rabbitroom.com or digitally on iTunes or from Amazon.com. I will also sell it to you out of the trunk of my car or however you want to purchase it.
So far, people have said nice things about the album, so I take it they like it. You should do too, and then tell all your friends. I’m excited and looking forward to hear what you guys think of it, here or on my Facebook page.

Andy’s August Email Update

Andy just sent out his August email update. If you don’t get these updates but would like to, go here.


Hello friends, enemies, frenemies and strangers.
There are only a few minutes left in the month of July, so naturally that means that I will be staying up late to write a super-important message to you before my monthly credit runs out for this email program. Yes. That is how professional I am. Those of you who know me are not surprised by this. But is there a better time for an email update? Of course not. So here I go.
There are really just a couple of things I want to tell you about right now. For the sake of letting you know what you are getting into in this mailing, I will now tell you what those two things are.
1. Pre-releases are available for my new record, Beyond the Frame, that is set to release worldwide on August 13th. By “worldwide”, of course, I mean “worldwide web”.
2. The Beyond the Frame fall worldwide release tour. By “worldwide” I mean pretty much from Florida to Connecticut over to Chicago and down to Texas. As a subplot in this section, there are a few slots still open for shows this year around other existing shows if anyone out there wants to keep me away from my wife and kids even longer.
So that was the outline. Here come the details.

My new record, Beyond the Frame, releases on Tuesday, August 13th. At that point it will be available at all of your normal retail outlets as long as your normal retail outlets are only the RabbitRoom.com, iTunes or AmazonMp3. But I am happy to say that as of today, you can get the record early at the Rabbit Room. I am very excited about this record and the people that have listened to it already have all had nice things to say (my mother AND mother-in-law). I think you will like it.
At the Rabbit Room, I will also have chord charts and my trusty old video charts available for all of the songs on this record. This will save me many minutes of emailing people back with a response of  “No. I am so sorry. I don’t have my act together enough to have charts for these songs available.” So if you are into that kind of thing, Merry Christmas!
I do have a favor to ask of you if you are getting the pre-release. Somehow I have made a living as a “recording artist” without having a publicist, a promoter, a manager, a booking agent or record company. The fact that I don’t have any of those official people in my life is probably why I just put “recording artist” in quotation marks. But to be honest, I like not having any middle-men in my transactions with the folks who connect with my music. I am also very cheap. But I also think that the best kind of “promotion” is just the trusted word of a friend.
So if you listen to the record and you happen to like it, love it, connect with it or want to marry it, I would be honored if you would simply tell folks in your community about it when the record comes out on August 13th. It could just be a sentence with a link or a full on review. I guess it could also be a series of animated videos – it is really up to you. Your community could be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Myspace, or anything else that is actually not a technological substitute for human contact and community. You are the best promoter I could ever have. (That last sentence might not technically be true, but the sentiment behind it is sincere.)
If you listen to the record and hate it, tolerate it, kind of dislike it or want to wash your ears out, I simply ask that you write down your feelings about the record, put them in an envelope, and then throw it in the fire. That would be quite helpful to me.
If you haven’t already clicked on any of the links for it, here is the most obvious one to use to get to the pre-order. I really hope you like it. It means a lot to me.

I have a number of shows coming up this year. I hope to see you at all of them. Honestly, if any of you come to all of these shows, I will give you some sort of prize. Maybe an Oreo. Or at least part of an Oreo.
Also, if you see that I am coming within a few hours of where you live and you want to add a show onto that run, please let me know. Or if I am not coming close to you and you want me to come anyways, let me know about that as well. Really, you can let me know about anything you want to talk about. I will always respond. It might take a long time, but you will hear from me.
Full details for these shows are (or will be shortly) available on my website.
8/2 – Laity Lodge in LEAKEY, TX
8/3 – Laity Lodge in LEAKEY, TX
8/4 – Laity Lodge in LEAKEY, TX
8/9 – Wild Goose Festival in HOT SPRINGS, NC
8/25 – **looking to add a show in Cincinnati, Lexington or anywhere around Ohio
9/6 – Laity Lodge in LEAKEY, TX
9/7 – Laity Lodge in LEAKEY, TX
9/8 – Laity Lodge in LEAKEY, TX
9/9 – **possibly add a show in Chicago area
9/10 – ST. CHARLES, IL
9/12 – **looking to add show in NC
9/13 – **looking to add show in NC
9/15 – RALEIGH, NC
9/16 – **looking to add show in NC/SC
9/19 – KNOXVILLE, TN – The Square Room
9/21 – GREEN BAY, WI – Cup o Joy with Jill Phillips
9/22 – CHICAGO, IL – with Jill Phillips
9/27 – **looking to add show in the Northeast
9/28 – DANBURY, CT – Community Coffeehouse with Jill Phillips
10/13 – **looking to add show in FL
10/17 – **looking to add show in TX/OK
10/18 – **looking to add show in TX/OK
10/19 – FRISCO, TX
10/20 – **looking to add show in TX/OK
10/25 – POWHATAN, VA with Jill Phillips
10/26 – RICHMOND, VA with Jill Phillips
10/27 – **looking to add show in VA
11/7 – ST. PAUL, MN – Art House North
11/8 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – retreat
11/9 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – retreat
11/11 – OWATONNA, MN
If you have any booking questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

As always, thanks for your support and friendship. I hope to see you sometime on the road.
Andy G
p.s. I didn’t have time to proofread this. Please forgive any misteaks. hehe.

New Record Pre-Release Available


Andy’s new record, Beyond the Frame, is available for pre-release right now at RabbitRoom.com.

The official release date is August 13th. At that point it will be available at other online retailers.


Free Record Downloads

Through June 23rd, I am giving away my last three records on Noisetrade to help support my friends at A Rocha USA. Please consider “tipping” generously.

A Rocha is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. They re-frame the issue of environmentalism and creation care to be an integral part of the Christian faith, not politically charged and divisive. They are about restoring communities through local conservation projects that bring people and neighborhoods together. Their message is one of love, hope and action. By giving away these albums we hope to raise some money for the good work they are doing and bring attention to this organization. 100 percent of your tips will go to A Rocha USA. Thank you for your generous support!

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