Haiku Review: Working with Johan

Working with Johan

Kids are playing outside while

I skype with Sweden

HAIKU: 8/19/10 – Weaverville, NC

This time I played show
Last time I played poker games
Here at Windy Gap

HAIKU: 8/13/10 – Leitchfield, KY

Summer night plus woods
Plus Kentucky plus stage lights
Equals moths in face

HAIKU: 8/07/10 – Hutchmoot, TN

Dear Hutchmoot conference,
Even though I don’t “read books”*
Thanks for having me.

*some substitutions for “read books” can be
– “own swords”
– “know things”
– “write books”
– “sound smart”

HAIKU: 8/03/10 – Nashville, TN

Just ’cause I know songs
Doesn’t mean I should become
“Guitar Solo Guy”

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