Here are some other places to go waste your time…


Mi Amigos

Jill Phillips – has great taste in men.
Andrew Peterson – has great taste in guitarists.
Ben Shive – fellow member of the captains courageous.
Porter’s Call – home of the great Al.
Church of the Redeemer – my church family.
Tyrannosaurus Tex – amazing country artist.
Square Peg Alliance – like a high school reunion minus the awkwardness and the fact that none of us went to high school together.

Random Link Sausages – Where cheap people like me go to find cheap deals. – cool place to buy stuff.
Texas Advocacy – this is my dad’s thing. i don’t understand it completely but you can go here to learn about texas lobbying and ethics stuff.
Bonsai – this is super cool.
The Sports Guy – probably one of my favorite writers but with the amount i read, there is not much competition.

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