Reinventing the wheel (2008)


1. Original Cliche
2. Nobody Wants to Work
3. How Precious Life Is
4. Desperate Man
5. Roast Beef
6. Alright Here
7. That Guy
8. More Of A Man
9. Enough Time
10. Holy Ground
11. Give It Time


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Song comments (Click title to read)

Original cliche

I wrote this song a long time ago about a friend of mine who wanted to rebel against her parents by doing the same kinds of things that her parents did when they were her age. The same kinds of things that tons of people do to rebel. So I don’t know why it is still considered rebellious to do those things. It looks like normal behavior to me.

Nobody wants to work

I say this is the love song to my hat. It was also a way to complain about lazy music industry people – but that is not as endearing.

How precious life is

Some good friends of ours lost their baby boy late in the 2nd trimester of their pregnancy. This was a meager attempt to show them that I felt their pain.

Desperate man

This song is about a guy who is always trying to find someone else to date but nobody wants to take him up on the offer. Just kidding.

Roast beef

A friend of mine cut off his toe with his lawnmower. This song is the tale of that toe. Not kidding.

Alright here

This was my attempt at telling my wife that she didn’t need to be a “SuperMom”.

That guy

I wrote this song while I was driving to the airport in Dayton, OH to return a rental car with broken window from some dude who decided it was a good idea to steal my guitar in the middle of the night out of the back seat of said car in the hotel parking lot. That was a long sentence.

More of a man

Marriage will turn you into a sissy.

Enough time

Time seems to be in short supply these days.

Holy ground

Inspired by a story in a Shaine Claiborne book that I haven’t read yet.

Give it time

If my wife was not around I would miss having someone lock the doors every two seconds. Strange how that works.

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