The Law of Gravity (2009)


1. Brand New Song
2. Chloe In Pasadena (The Kind Of Guy I Am)
3. Someone To You
4. In My Bones
5. I Haven’t Either
6. Any Other Way
7. New Pair Of Eyes
8. Sins Of The Father
9. Money Where Her Mouth Is
10. Resurrection
11. Why You Brought Me Here
12. Workin’ Man


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The Phantom Tollbooth
Noisy Whisper

Song comments (Click title to read)

Brand new song

This song actually is a brand new song.

Chloe In Pasadena (The Kind of Guy I Am)

This song gets the award for the longest song title I have ever had

Someone To You

I wrote this one after a Wikipedia “incident”

In My Bones

A song about marrow. Kind of.

I Haven’t Either

Have you ever lied all the way through a song? I haven’t either.

Any Other Way

One from my wife’s last record.


“New Pair of Eyes”] A song about getting peed on. Kind of.

Sins Of The Father

About the things we hand down.

Money Where Her Mouth Is

A co-write with Matt Stanfield.


Another one I copied from Jill’s record

Why You Brought Me Here

A co-write with Jason Gray

Workin’ Man

A song about my love for country music.

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