Some people were born to be on stage. Some people were made to have their name in lights. Some people were born incredibly attractive. Some people read. Andy is not any of those people.

Andy was born and raised in the rich musical climate of Austin, TX and then went to College at Belmont University in Nashville to join the legions of songwriters in the country music scene. After graduation, he spent a number of years as a staff writer for publishing companies while playing guitar on the road for singer/songwriter Jill Phillips (who he happened to be married to).

In 2004, after realizing that his second child was on the way and that his wife would need to come off of the road, Andy released “Room to Breathe” and began performing his own shows again for the first time in 5 years. He has since released three more records – “Reinventing The Wheel” (2007), “The Law of Gravity” (2009) and “Christmas” (2010).

He now spends his time playing concerts and house shows across the country, accompanying other artists on the road, and providing his three kids with plenty of stories to tell their counselors in 20 years.
Andy was a Kerrville New Folk Winner in 2010 and was a runner-up at the 2009 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival.




Andy’s songs are full of humor, clear vision, and compassion. His voice is humble and strong; his writing is kind and cutting; his sound is familiar and intriguing; and it all comes together around a beautiful heart that holds a truth that is inspiring and believable.” – David Wilcox


Only a very few writers can create songs that are hilarious, inspiring, happy, sad – and sometimes all at once. Andy writes and performs these songs with unselfconscious precision and grace.” – Pierce Pettis


Andy Gullahorn really is good at all he does, musically and creatively, and is having a really good time doing it.” – Buddy Greene


“Andy Gullahorn is my favorite new musical discovery of the past five years. He’s a brilliant writer, a fine musician and a generous spirit.” – David LaMotte


Andy is a freak of nature musically. VERY few writers can write songs that bring tears of both laughter and pain. Andy can do that. I’m consistently fascinated by his music.” – Dave Barnes


Andy Gullahorn’s songs speak volumes to the everyman experience. Human foils are parried by the grace we all desperately need to be reminded of.  His performances are insightful and funny, drawing the full range of emotion from his audiences.  You’ll laugh with him and at yourselves then find yourself relieved to learn you are not alone on your journey.
Common man, common sense brought to you in the truly uncommon performances of Andy Gullahorn…” – John B Smith/Waystation Productions

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