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Some Q & A with myself about booking

Q: How do I book you for a show or house concert?
A: E-mail me and tell me about what you have in mind. I will check the calendar to see if we can work it out.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: For you, self, $20K. Actually I don’t like putting figures up here, but I will tell you under one condition: You have to understand that my desire to play a show at your place is greater than my desire to always get my asking price. So if it doesn’t fit into your budget, there might be some wiggle room. If it is way under your budget, you are welcome to pay me more. This figure is just a mixture of the low end of a normal rate for something like this and the amount of money I need to justify leaving my wife at home with three little kids. So if you understand that stuff, then read on. My normal asking price is $1250 honorarium plus travel/lodging expenses. But like I said, depending on availability, there can be some wiggle room if need be.

Q: What are these house concerts you speak of?
A: House concerts are just what they sound like. They are concerts in a house. What I like about them is that they create an intimate environment that is great for telling stories and sharing songs. They are usually in someone’s living room with the furniture arranged to fit between 20-60 folks. There is usually no sound system (and that is a good thing). It is usually best not to have many kids there – because they are set up for quiet listening crowds who like to listen to music and hear stories. Many times when I do house concerts, people want them to be bigger and want to move them outside. That is a big mistake. If you are going to have a house concert, you need a quiet indoor place that is free of distractions. If you have any other questions about them, send me an e-mail.

Q: Will you stay at our house?
A: No way. You could be a total freak. Actually, I always ask for a hotel room because after being a people person all day, I need a place to go where I can turn it off and yell cuss words in the mirror.

Q: Do you play children’s birthday parties?
A: Of course, but for legal reasons I have to charge $50,000.

Q: Do you take requests in your concerts?
A: I most certainly do. I don’t always play them, but I will be happy to take them.

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